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Don't fear it It is not a threat! It is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY! To:  
  • become more efficient;
  • count your savings and
  • Pass them onto your clients
  • Promote your ‘green’ credentials to clients and regulators.

Not sure where to start?
We can help you as we have helped many others,
at every level – as little or as much as you need.

The Missing Link Resource Coordinators links you to the information that you need by providing you as a client with the highest quality, practical, and achievable technical environmental advice and training solutions currently available. Our assistance can;

  • save you $ and
  • reduce your legal risks,
  • improve your business systems and eco-efficiency
  • whilst protecting the safety of your staff and the public and safeguarding the environment.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by:

  • offering outstanding practical and individualised service
  • engaging you, your staff and clients,
  • optimising system functionality and
  • improving operational efficiency
  • developing and delivering appropriate training

- whilst reducing risk and providing the information you require in real and non-technical language.


We offer the complete range of services through our:

Our greatest skill is to take complex science or legislation and put it in ‘real’ language for you: 
  • what does it mean to me?  What am I obliged to do? How can I make sure I comply? 
  • What do I need to tell the authorities or my clients to assure them we are doing the right thing?  

And we help you put your story in ‘their’ language – engineer or regulators speak, so they understand your intentions or commitments. 

We have years of practical experience working in industry, business and government departments so we know each set of requirements:  you still need to make a profit and satisfy your clients and staff, protect your community and the environment, whilst doing business legally, efficiently and using the simplest most effective ‘paperwork’ .

We can offer services to internationally recognised standards to help your business become more competitive in a market place requiring increasingly sustainable performance. 

We are 21st Century Green – Part of the solution and not just part of the problem.